How to Improve Your Dog’s Fitness

Maintaining your dog’s fitness is an important responsibility of being a pet owner. Like humans, dogs that overeat and have very little exercise can become obese, making them vulnerable to health problems. Fortunately, keeping your dog fit is easy because all dogs welcome a good run when given the opportunity! All you have to do as the owner is provide that opportunity! Here are some tips on how to improve your dog’s fitness. Daily Walks Obviously, daily walks are important – dogs have a natural instinct for walking and will have no problem walking for 30 minutes each day. Larger, high-energy breeds might require at least one hour of solid walks or even alternating between walks and runs. Make sure to check your dog’s breed to find out the typical amount of exercise required to keep the pooch fit. Note that although letting the dog play in an enclosed area counts as exercise, leashed walks helps reinforce the bond between you and the pooch. Play Fetch and Mental Games …
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